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How to join ZIMBOCASH

ZIMBOCASH is a decentralised currency for Zimbabwe. Our broader goal is simple – we want to establish a decentralised currency that is fixed in supply but available to all Zimbabweans. We want to see the economy of Zimbabwe transformed with sound money.

The goal is for trust to be restored in the money and banking system. ZIMBOCASH is based on a decentralised blockchain – a revolutionary technology that enables a fixed supply of money and a reliable payments system. Only Zimbabweans may join. Each person who registers will get an allocation of ZIMBOCASH. Initially, as at July 2019 the allocation will be 25 000 but this amount available will halve each 3 months. If members introduce others, they can earn more.

We will launch an initial token based on a decentralised platform. The registration database will be converted into ZIMBOCASH coins transferable with an online wallet. The system will facilitate fast and secure transactions in a decentralised payments system. In addition to facilitating transfers between account holders, ZIMBOCASH will be listed on a cryptocurrency exchange. Each person will only be able to sell ZIMBOCASH on the exchange when they have made six transfers to others. While we want people to be able to cash-out, our goal is to establish a transactional currency on the ground in Zimbabwe using the latest price as a reference. Currencies are established using the Network Effect. Each person who joins, adds value to all in the community. Zimbabwe has been crippled by faulty money and the banking system – ZIMBOCASH has the potential to solve these financial issues by fixing the supply of money.

1. REGISTER – Only Zimbabweans can join

If you’re Zimbabwean you can register. We don’t want your money. We want you to join our community. You will get 25 000 ZIMBOCASH if you join in the first round. Each subsequent round the allocation for sign-ups will halve. We will not now, nor will we ever, ask you for you to pay anything.


2. INTRODUCE – Grow the Network

You get an extra 2500 ZIMBOCASH for each person who signs up with your email as a reference.  We’ll also give you a unique link to share via whatsapp, email or social media. For every person who clicks your link, you’ll receive an extra 25 ZIMBOCASH.

3. SECURE – No more money printing

After registrations close, we will launch the blockchain using the latest blockchain technology. That means no-one will be able to print more ZIMBOCASH than has initially been created. ZIMBOCASH is a fixed currency system.

4. TRANSFER – Pay anyone

Blockchain also enables you to make fast payments to anyone around the world or across the country. International payments and money remittances can be made simply, easily and at low cost.


5. EXCHANGE – Global demand

ZIMBOCASH will be listed on an exchange. You’ll need to first make a few transfers to others and then you will be able to buy and sell ZIMBOCASH on the exchange at the market rate.

6. NETWORK EFFECT – each new person adds value to the system

The value of ZIMBOCASH grows exponentially as more people register and make transfers to others. This is called the Network Effect. We are creating an ecosystem where people can refer to ZIMBOCASH when they trade.