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King Price Insurance Quote

Looking for a King Price Insurance Quote ? You can start saving on your monthly car insurance premiums right now. You can choose to do it online by completing a quick car insurance quote or leave your personal information and one of their professional staff members will call you back in no time at all.

Cars included in our King Price Insurance: By “car” they refer to all South Africans registered motorcar and light delivery vehicle (LDV). Cars that are not included in their insurance are: cars used for emergency service such as traffic control and armed response cars, and cars used for law enforcement, towing and taxi purposes.

King Price Car Insurance Options are:

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance:It is their five star alternative. It covers you in case of accidental damage, theft or hi-jacking, and also in those causes that you can accidentally caused damage to other parties or their property as a result of an accident.
  • Third Party, Fire and Theft Car Insurance:It is their four star option. They offer you coverage for theft, hi-jacking and for liability in case you injured other people or their property in case of an accident. This alternative does not cover you for accidental damage to your own car.
  • Third Party Only Car Insurance:It is their three star alternative. It covers you for liability for injury to another person or if you damage their property as a result of an accident. Thus, some cover is better than no cover at all.

So you can get a car insurance quote right now and realize how cheap their options for insure your car can be.

Optional King Price Car Insurance available for you:

  • Paying a little more, you can have a lot more such as car sound equipment, accessories and car hire.
  • Take into account that for additional cover for car sound equipment or car hire, you will have to pay it separately (a monthly separate payment).
  • If you want more information about these Optional alternatives, you can submit your personal details and a member of their staff will call you back as soon as possible.