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How to join the Courier Guy

What started as “a favour for a friend” in 2000 has developed into a worldwide courier company, setting a trend for franchising in this industry.

When Stephen Gleisner dropped a file at the printers for a friend, he did not envisage becoming the latest courier service in town. Having time on hand it was easy to “do a favour” for a few more people. As business came streaming in it necessitated the employing of another driver and setting up an office. Later another driver followed and another and so on.

Customers noticed this and even though “business was good”, it was not the same as when Stephen was the driver. Coming from a franchising background the solution was forthcoming. By franchising the areas a franchisee will not only take responsibility for customers but also build relationships and thus give a customer the attention they deserve! So, The Courier Guy has grown from the humble beginnings on one motorbike and the servant’s quarters into a tightly knit family of Customers, Franchisees and Agents.


The Courier Guy franchisees are actual couriers. You operate from home and usually start out with one vehicle in the area until there is the opportunity to expand. Franchisees market and “work” their own areas. The area is determined by the Franchisor and the Franchisee has the exclusive right to a particular area. Mail shots, local advertising and simply knocking on doors are all ways to bring your services to the attention of local businesses. The Franchisee must supply the Franchisor with at least 10 leads or potential customers in a month. These leads will then be followed up by the sales representatives who will open accounts for customers.

Through franchising we have structured our organisation so; that the main focus are the customer and the franchisee. We have been able to empower individuals with responsibility from the driver upwards to the franchisee. We have eliminated unproductive environments and unprofitable courier branches. Everyone in the organisation has to be service driven and hence customer driven in order to make a success of their business.

It is a franchise where you operate as the Man-In-The-Van, in your personal demarcated area. There is no need to set up an office, you work out of the depot and your vehicle. All parcels & documents that come in via the national network of ‘hubs’ for delivery, outgoing parcels to be picked up at the end of the day for national or international delivery are hosted by the depot. This is then co-ordinated with the Man-In-The-Van Franchisees by the Operations teams in the depots.

The Courier Guy will not only offer you the same service but in fact a better level of service.


The Courier Guy head office support team, comprising of a Franchise Manager, a Training Manager, Operations Manager, several area managers and support staff, provide franchisees with a solid support structure. The support services provided includes a fully equipped depot, centralised administration and invoicing facilities, debtors control and parcel tracking.

Franchisees attend an intensive two week induction programme, before they commence business operations. The training programme covers franchise and business management skills, operational procedures and customer relationship management.

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

Do you have:

• Entrepreneurial skills?
• The drive to succeed?
• The will to work for yourself?
• Good customer relationships?
• An instinct for success?
• R100,000.00 available in unencumbered cash?

Then you are suited for this business!

The Courier Guy is a generally five day a week business. Franchisees really have to want to be in business for themselves with good people skills, a good first impression is everything.

There is no qualification or degree needed to be a Courier Guy franchisee. Extensive training is given prior to the establishment phase, classroom and on the road training is provided. Additional training, assistance and workshops are given on an on-going basis.