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How to join Crowd1 in South Africa

How to apply for Crowd 1 South Africa
How to apply for Crowd 1 South Africa

Crowd1 (or Crowd1 Network Ltd) is a “mobile networking community.” It offers members the ability to create and maintain an online network business using different digital marketing platforms.

How to join crowd1 south africa

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Sounds fancy, right? But the truth is hidden in the fine print. Crowd1 just wants to be a platform that will redirect you to partner online gaming/gambling sites, namely AffilGo and Miggster.

The pre-launch began in January 2019, and the business was officially launched in August 2019. Those who have signed up during the pre-launch period are called pioneers. These pioneers, according to the website, will reap the benefits of the company’s success. They will also take a slice of the company’s future income.

So how do you build your network and how do you earn money with Crowd1?

To build your network and earn money, Crowd1 created two websites. First is Affilgo, an online gaming/gambling platform/affiliate network. Another is Miggster, another gaming website. The second website, however, still does not have information about what it offers.

The funny thing is although Crowd1 said it has “partnered” with Affilgo and Miggster, the truth is only one person owns all three websites. The owner of Crowd1, as well as the other two websites, is Piskopianos Stelios. He is a self-described Senior Finance Professional who is also the finance director of aos Fluency Limited and Northfield Petroleum Limited. Crowd1 and the other two websites, however, are not listed in his LinkedIn bio.

Crowd1 is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Its company registration number is ICC20160342.