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How to Join Trevo in South Africa

Trevo, a six year old Network Marketing Company, is a Nutritional Supplement Company (a single product) based in Oklahoma City, OK. During the past five years Trevo has opened in 31 countries, doing over 9 million dollars a month in re-orders alone and still remains debt free. Trevo has consistently shown the ability to expand its operation all over the globe.

Having focused on Africa & the Asian Markets In the first 5 years, Trevo is now aggressively moving their unique product and business opportunity in The United States, Japan & Europe.

In February 2016, Trevo received word that it had officially received product approval in Belgium and then officially launched France, Italy, Spain, UK, Austria & Germany on August 1st. This opened the doors for continued explosive global growth, which rewards all its members that join the marketing team by prebuilding a Global Straight Line Matrix team automatically under them. How this works is once you join Trévo, any member anywhere in the world that joins after you will be placed automatically in your team volume. This never ends! We continue to build a huge global team for every member while each member focuses on building their personal group.

The personal group volume along with Global team volume allows the members to cash in on receiving up to 15% shares in the monthly global reorders.

Our pool bonus alone can allow you to earn more than what you ever believed you could in a month. Which is only 1 out of 8 ways to make residual income with Trevo. So opening in Europe, Japan and building the United States has been extremely exciting for everyone.
South Africa is on th rise too.

We are seeking Entrepreneurs in each country that wants to partner with us on building marketing teams & personal groups in these countries and any of our 32 countries we are opened in.

Our members make various amounts of commissions but many of our entrepreneurs that have helped us open countries and our dedicated marketers are being highly rewarded on the compensation