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How to renew drivers license online

To make sure you aren’t caught without a valid driver’s licence, it’s best to apply for a renewal four weeks before your existing one expires. That’s because the new licence isn’t completed immediately. Check the printed expiry date on the licence itself.

If your existing driver’s licence expires and you haven’t yet applied for a renewal, you will also need to apply for a temporary driver’s licence to carry with you until the permanent one is granted. This allows you to drive in the window period between application and delivery.




Some of the requirements may take time, so it’s a good idea to allow a few days to a week to prepare the following:


  • Your South African identity document (ID) and/or South African passport (which, itself, must be valid, not expired!)
  • A certified copy of your ID or passport. This can be done by a Commissioner of Oaths at most police stations.
  • The driving licence card that is due to expire soon.
  • Black-and-white ID photographs. Check the requirements with the Driving Licence Testing Centre (DLTC), g. no smiles, possible protocol around headscarves worn for religious or cultural reasons, how many photos, etc.
  • Proof of your home address. This is usually a utility account like a rates bill.
  • If your name is not on it, ask the person whose name is on it to provide you with an official affidavit that says that you live at the address. Remember, you’re creating a connection so the utility bill must be attached to the affidavit.
  • Are you staying at an unofficial address? If you stay in an informal settlement, get a letter with an official date stamp from the area’s ward councillor.
  • The application fee. This may differ depending on the type of licence you hold.
  • OPTIONAL: wet wipes, kindle, book, crossword puzzle, sketchpad… 😊


how to apply


Take the documents along to a DLTC to make your application.

Some provinces (like Gauteng) allow you to book an appointment beforehand. They may also allow you to download the forms ahead of time so that you can fill them in more conveniently. Just a note that senior citizens are not obliged to book online in Gauteng. They can book in person.